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What is Jamu?

    • What is Jamu?

      Jamu is a Malay word meaning Herbal.
      Postnatal Jamu massage originated among the Royals families of Indonesia during the 17th century. This practise became widespread throughout Southeast Asia by virtue of its responsive healing and noticeable restoring affects.The locals added further refinement to this ancient and sacred practice with the introduction of bindings.

      With a long history, Jamu traditional massage brings both mental and physical benefits to new mums immediately after their delivery which makes it very popular in SEA.

      A must-do for every Singaporean mum after delivery is to invite a Jamu therapist to perform postnatal herbal massage and Bengkung binding. Both Stephanie Sun and Zoe Tay enjoyed this practice at the comfort and privacy of their own home. This end-to-end service gave them the added confidence of seeing their body’s detox, heal and firmly shape to a pre-pregnancy figure.

      Now finally, you can enjoy Jamu massage in China.

    • Abdomen and pelvis income

      Working-out and having a healthy diet have always been the golden rules for getting in shape. However, it is not known to all that a protein hormone called “Relaxin” is released during pregnancy. Relaxin helps pregnant women to loosen up their bones and joints so that the pelvic cavity is flexible enough to adapt to the enlargement of the uterus as well as to accommodate the increased pressure exerted on the pelvic cavity during labor. For example, many mums find their feet become bigger, and the cause for that are the bones and joints expanding due to Relaxin.

      After the pregnancy, new mums appear to have a wider back, a bigger breastbone, no waistline and bigger pelvic bones, which give the impression that they are a few sizes bigger. Losing fat by working out is not that difficult but what about the bigger bones? Working out will not solve this problem. A critical start in postnatal recovery is to cease this opportune moment when the body is releasing Relaxin and reduce the pelvic bone and breastbone from enlarging which can be achieved with the vital step which is to use a Bengkung that is a specially designed binder, to tighten the pelvis and the chest to reduce enlargement aided with a , a type of herb that eases the wind of the abdomen. The benefits of using Bengkung are that it snuggly fits around the waistline whilst tightly compressing the abdomen. The first month in the postpartum stage is what the Chinese literally call “sitting the month” a 30 day period of confinement, which is coincides with the golden period for shrinking the pelvis. During the 40 days after delivery, Relaxin still exists. By using herbs to eliminate toxins inside the uterus, and using binding to tighten the lax osteoid seams (abdominal muscles), we aim to shrink bone sizes and get you slim.

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    How to Start?

    After delivery, all you need to do is relax at your home and book one of our qualified therapists to come to your house.
    It only takes ten days and is the most natural way to get back into shape after childbirth.
    It will help with abdominal realignment, reducing muscular pain, reducing water retention, improving well-being, detoxing and relieving anxiety and stress.

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