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Being a Singaporean Chinese mum, I have heard of all sorts of benefits of Malay herbal postnatal massage from older generations. After my first baby was born, I finally got to experience the magical effectsthat Jamu massage could do to reduce my tummy, which also helped me to gain relieve from water retention and a swollen tummy.

To be honest, alongside my joy at bringing a new life to this world, I was also very concerned about my figure. My body was awfully out of shape and I feared that I would not be able to return to a pre-pregnancy figure. It felt like I had to woken up from a bad dream, particularly when I saw my belly still about the size of the 7-month pregnant mother. After giving birth and having made the decision to do postnatal therapy, I anxiously waited for my own Jamu Therapist – Sandy. When meeting Sandy I was curious about her experience and techniques, fortunately she reassured my concerns first with her 20 years experience and then secondly with her soft personality but witty sense of humor. After the first day of being applied with Tapel, Sandy’s healing hands and using Bengkung binder, I found that my belly shrunk a lot and the water retention also remarkably was reduced. The heated stone breast massage was magical as it helped improve my breastfeeding. My milk production had increased from none to 50ml after just one session!!

Mums at Thomson Medical Centre also shared with me the remarkable effect of Jamu massage. They recommend Jamu massage and Bengkung to friends and family around them.

After experiencing the healing effects of Jamu massage myself, I decided to bring it to China and to share this gift with other Mums, so you too can enjoy premium postnatal care to help get back in shape, regain your confidence and beauty without having to leave the comfort of your home.

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We provide you with the most professional of massage services.

Jamu postnatal massage process:
1. 60min full body manual lymphatic drainage, expelling wind, discharging lochia and reducing water retention
2. Application of ginger cream on the abdomen to expel wind and warm the uterus. Application of Tapel , a type of Malay herb for firming up the skin on the abdomen
3. Use heated stones to support breast massage, using the warm flow and massage to clear the engorgement and blocked ducts
4. Use Bengkung to wrap the waist and hips, tightening pelvis and reducing the size of abdomen

What you need to prepare:
1. Cozy bedroom with a mild temperature at preferably 26 degrees Celsius.
2. Flat bed or firm mattress.
3. Two bath towels and a small face towel.
4. Relax, lie down and enjoy our service.

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