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What is Jamu?

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What is JAMU?

The word “Jamu” means herbs in Malay. The traditional Jamu postnatal massage originated from Southeast Asia in the 17th century, mainly using traditional herbal medicines and massage treatment to speed up the recovery after birth. With this long history, Jamu traditional massage brings many mental and physical benefits to women after their delivery. It is very popular in Southeast Asia.
Vitamin-E-rich Tissue oil is used as the base oil for the massage for repairing scars or acne marks and smoothening the stretch marks. It is very effective, and many other herbs including lemongrass, turmeric, betel pepper and lime are then used to help mothers relax completely and to boost blood circulation. The herbs also are very effective in expelling wind out from the belly; this is particularly important as it cures all sorts of pain and rheumatism and other symptoms as the mothers grow older. The unique lymphatic detox technique will help to eliminate the blood clots and toxins left inside uteruses fast as possible.

Bengkung Belly-Binding

The most crucial step in Jamu massage is to apply Taple and specially designed Bengkung to wrap and tighten the pelvic bone and breastbone. Therapists will first apply ginger cream on the abdomen to expel the wind out from the belly and warm up the uterus, then use specially produced Taple, a Malay herb that can reduce water retention and firm the loosened skin on the belly. After that, the therapist will use Bengkung to wrap the torso from the chest down to the hips. The pressure and of the body-hugging fit of Bengkung binders is stronger than ordinary binders. Usually, we advise that mothers wear Bengkung for 6 to 10 hours. The first month in the postpartum stage is what Chinese literally call “sitting the month”, a period critical for shrinking the pelvis. Because relaxin, a protein hormone, still exists in the body, using herbs to help the uterus to detox and to reduce water retention and using binding to tighten the loosened osteoid seams are key to fast bone size shrinkage and slimming down.

Lactation breast massage

In the first few days after delivery, many mothers complain they cannot produce milk but they are in a hurry to feed their babies. In fact, most mothers have already produced breast milk within the 48 hours after delivery. However, they are too anxious and resort to diet treatment too early. Moreover, newborn babies are not strong enough to suck out the breast milk. These factors combine to cause blocked ducts. Our therapists will use heated basalt stones to support breast massage, thus improving the breast milk flow and clearing blocked ducts by stimulating the acupoints to help with breast milk production.

Development of Jamu postnatal massage in Asia

Massage treatment is part of Asian life. Postnatal massage has come a long way. The renowned Jamu postnatal massage is a must for women who desire comfort and fitness after child birth. It is quite common for new mothers to receive massage after 40 days in the postpartum stage in Asian countries.

Healing, Restoring and Regaining

After nine months of pregnancy, nothing can beat the joy of finally meeting your beautiful baby. Just as your new baby will need attention and care, we believe mothers should also embrace the importance of caring for themselves after a delivery. That’s what we believe at Genteel, you spend all the time with your newborns and we will take good care of you.

Our treatments are designed using techniques of traditional jamu massage, abdominal binding, lymph drainage, V-steam and natural remedies – all tried and tested to support women with their post-natal healing.

And this is our secret to restore your figure after delivery!

Professional JAMU Postnatal Care

All of our treatments are customised with herbs and techniques, suited to your unique post-natal body.

JAMU treatments are a holistic approach to restoring your pre-baby body following a birth. Through techniques of Jamu massage and abdominal binding, our treatments are designed with a mother’s well-being in mind. Treatments use natural herbal remedies and essential oils with therapeutic properties, and are delivered by a professionally trained therapist.

Natural Support

Bengkuneg abdominal binding techniques understand a woman’s anatomy after delivery and seek to protect the integrity of the womb. It is a great support in helping to naturally shape a mother’s body back to its pre-pregnancy figure.

A Personal Touch

Personalization is very important to us. Every mother is different, each experiencing maternity in her own, unique way. We take the time to understand your body to ensure we customise our massage techniques, herbal remedies and abdominal binding techniques to address what will best help support your recovery.

Benefits of JAMU postnatal massage:

Alleviate aches on shoulders and neck from carrying or feeding your new born.
Helps reinstate the uterus to its original state.
Eliminates excess body fluid, reduce water retention.
Tones the over stretched areas of skin, especially stretchmark over the abdomen.
Promotes blood circulation within the body.
Exfoliate dead cells and regenerate skin renewal.

What you need to prepare

1. Cozy bedroom with a mild temperature at preferably 26 degrees Celsius.
2. Flat bed or firm mattress.
3. Two bath towels and a small face towel.
4. Relax, lie down and enjoy our service.

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